I am a psychoanalyst with my own practice and have been photographing almost exclusively in the field of abstract photography for several years.

Master classes with Joseph Schulz (student of Becher, Ruff, Gursky), Robert Mertens, Jürgen Wassmuth…

Award in the competion „Nature Experience – the Elements“, Philosophicla Seminar of the University of Tübingen.

Many individual and group exhibitions.

Member of the „Society for Abstract Photography“.

Member of the Stuttgart Artists`Association  and Württemberg Art Association in Stuttgart.


I have always been fascinated by the microcosm of a landscape, of a moment, of an encounter and the abstraction, beauty and ambiguity  contained within it. In my photographic work, I do not depict reality but re-shape it, and, while exposing its secrets and strangeness, cloak them again in mystery. In my work as a psychoanalyst, I must unravel and tear up intimate connections and entrenched habits of how we see and experience things, in order to allow new images and ideas to emerge from the darkness of the unconscious. As a photgrapher, I work in the same way with the camera at night by exploring the non- conscious and the invisible that lie in the darkness. The effective contrast between the residual light and the nocturnal surroundings opens up a play of light and darkness, of intention and chance. By means of long-term exposure, structures found at the moment the shutter is released are broken up  and the path is made clear to look and to create new relations that were previously not visible. The resulting dreamlike and surreal images bear the marks of destruction and, at the same time, triumph over them in their colourfulness  and in their rhythm. Dream and photography are, for me, the ideal paths to  unconscious and also to conscious inner worlds and landscapes  – only the means are different. Marcel Proust put it aptly when he said that you must recover from the shadow what you once felt but lost.